Managing pregnancy during corona virus...

  1. So far there’s no evidence to suggest pregnant women are higher risk.

  2. Although pregnant women do have lower immunity, so it’s important to practice healthy living

  3. Pregnant women should be prioritised for testing if you do become ill

  4. To date no virus has been found in samples of amniotic fluid or breast milk however it is still probable that it can be passed to foetus or baby

  5. Practice social distancing and good hygiene

  6. You should still attend appointments if you are fit & well

  7. Join online groups, classes, webinars, communities

  8. Take necessary advice but don’t live in fear it is expected a large amount of pregnant women who contract Covid-19 will only experience mild symptoms

  9. If you are pregnant & have a serve illness then follow additional shielding guidance

  10. Information is still being obtained & learnt so new information is changing - keep update but don’t overload with news.

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