Introduction to Mediation in Pregnancy

Meditation has been around for many centuries with some origins dating way back to the 1500 BCE, yet in more recent years its become a phenomenon across the world. Now being practiced by celebrities, spiritual & political leaders, business moguls and the everyday mortal like you and I.

Meditaton has been proven by doctors and scientists to have many benefits and parti for expecting mothers. In 2008, the Harvard Gazette conducted a study called 'When science meets mindfulness' and the results showed a vast array of benefits both physical and mental. Results included improvements for people with irritable bowl syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress. Others studies have shown that prenatal meditation benefits include a more clam and relaxing pregnancy.

Benefits of meditation during pregnancy include:

* Improved Sleep Patterns

* Feeling more calm & relaxed

* Reduced feeling of anxiety

* A more positive outlook

* Greater body confidence and awareness

* Reduces risk of postpartum depression

* More energy and less fatigue

* Feel more refreshed

* Increase confidence and outlook

* Prepare your body and mind for labour & motherhood

* Happy & content baby

Meditation consists of focusing the mind to train a persons awareness and attention to help clear the mind of all the other clutter. The aim is to bring the mind and the body to a calm stable state which helps to gain clarity. Mediation is practical exercise for the mind which will improve concentration, observation, and awareness.

Mediation is an ancient practice that has a range of different techniques and methods which include:

* Mindfulness

* Body scanning

* Walking mediation

* Breathing mediation

* Sound / Mantra meditation

* Guided meditation

* Muscle relaxation

We have listed 3 of our favorite mediation apps which are a great place to start for beginners:

1. Headspace - 10 minute mediation sessions, they offer a pregnancy option.

2. Calm - App for different types of mediation and better sleep

3. Expectful - Provide guided audio in 10 or 20 minute formats.

Pregnancy Bump Box are currently in talks with an amazing mediation practitioner to collaborate on a guided meditation video free for our subscribers, so watch this space.

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