From Bump To Birth...

Pregnancy Bump Box delivers luxurious trimester tailored hand picked boxes that can be purchased on a one off or a quarterly subscription. Each box aims to increase health & wellness for expecting mother's & precious baby bump's. Providing pregnancy essentials during the most important months of every woman's life. Our Pregnancy Bump Boxes include trimester orientated products and guidance, supporting expecting mother's, from bump to birth.

Pregnant belly


Pregnancy Bump Box Experience

Each of our boxes are designed for expecting mother's and are tailored to each pregnancy trimester. You pick either the first, second or third trimester, mom-to-be box, depending on how many weeks you are at the time of ordering. You will receive your first box within 4 working days. You can purchase boxes on a one off basis or as part of the trimester subscription.  Our boxes take  the worry out of what to buy. 

Pregnancy Bump Box makes the ideal pregnancy gift for a mom-to-be or if you are expecting, then this is the perfect excuse to treat yourself whilst taking care of bump with your very own pregnancy care box.

Each trimester box include 5-7 handpicked items, ideal for your stage of pregnancy. Items included will provide anything from nourishment, wellness, relief, luxury, relaxation and practicality. Making each box the perfect pamper treat for a yummy mummy to be. 

Boxes include items such as balms, creams, edibles, clothing, keepsakes and much more. All items are carefully chosen to ensure a holistic approach, to gain the best quality products at the most important time to look after yourself, your body and your baby bump. Boxes feature some tailored and award winning pregnancy products whilst providing excellent value.


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